Buzz Out Loud 1587- Buzz Out Loud is Dangerously Delicious (Podcast)

Buzz Out Loud 1587: Buzz Out Loud is Dangerously Delicious (Podcast)
Comedian Aziz Ansari joins us to talk about putting his stand up show Dangerously Delicious online. The House shoots down legislation that would prevent employers from asking for our Facebook passwords, and you too can make $30,000 a day from Pinterest!This content is rated TV-MA, and is for viewers 18 years or older. Are you of age?YesNoSorry, you are not old enough to view this content.PlayPodcastYour browser does not support the audio element.Subscribe: iTunes (MP3) | iTunes (320x180) | iTunes (640x360) RSS (MP3) | RSS (320x180) | RSS (640x360)EPISODE 1587 INTERVIEW WITH AZIZ ANSARI Shoots Down Legislation That Would Have Stopped Employers From Demanding Your Facebook Password-Best Buy feels Amazon squeeze, to close 50 big-box stores-Smartphones Account for Half of all Mobile Phones, Dominate New Phone Purchases in the US-Dell Ends Smartphone Sales in the US-Spotify extends free-play ‘honeymoon’ indefinitely-Has the Music Business Turned a Corner? RIAA Reports First Revenue Increase in 7 Years-The Next PlayStation is Called Orbis, Sources Say. Here are the Details.-T-Mobile reportedly eyes sale of wireless towers again-Survey pegs Apple gear in half of U.S. homes-OH NO: Apple TV Isn’t Coming Until 2013, Says Research Group-iPhone 4 Antennagate site goes live, lets you collect $15QUICK HITS:-Giving you more insight into your Google Account activity-Comcast, Time Warner Don’t Support HBO GO On Xbox 360-Comcast XFINITY TV, HBO GO and MLB.TV now available on Xbox LIVE-Pinterest Spammer Makes $30,000 in a Month-Uniforms With Microchip Notify Parents If Their Children Skip SchoolVOICEMAIL:Caller who wants to know what can she listen to as a commuter?Chris says thanks and good luckEMAIL:From Jim in Vegas:Hey buzz crew,I can’t believe the show is coming to an end. I started watching BOL a couple days before Tom left the show, Due to this I really cant say that time period of the show affected me that much, then Rafe hosted, he made the show fun and is an excellent journalist. But this last time period of BOL is what truly made the show Great! Molly, Brian, & Stephen you guys were the perfect mix of intelligence, fun, and entertaining. I’m a Junior in high school and when I went into high school I really didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up, now because of all of you I know what I want to do with my life, I want to be a journalist and hopefully a tech one. Thank (all) you guys for making the last couple of years great and impacting my life. I will miss Buzz Out Loud greatly but I wish you guys luck in all your endeavors. For the last time,Love the show! :_ (â€"â€"WAHH!First you made me fat by going to 1 show a week (I listen to BOL while walking)NOW! Your going to make me Dumb!â€" How am I going look smart when I don't have the tech news?I can't stand the 404 and video is no good to me while walking so please recommend some other cnet tech audio podcasts before you go,Bryan - the Fat & Dumb (maybe) Aussie.”â€"â€"Why is cnet so determined to get rid of its podcast listeners? I like to listen to podcasts at work. Streaming video is too distracting. Watching web shows on my computer at home after staring at a computer all day at work does not appeal to me.So long guys. You often felt like family. Loved the show.No Nameâ€"â€"Dear Steven, Brian, and Molly,What the BLEEP? I mean really, what the BLEEP? I’ve been a loyal listener for BLEEPING eons. I live in MassaBLEEPINGchusetts. I drive 5 BLEEPING days a week on BLEEPING 128. Before you BLEEPING went to a BLEEPING weekly format, my BLEEPING afternoon drives were filled with BLEEPING great technology news. You see, I’m a BLEEPING nerd. I need my BLEEPING nerd news. Then you up and went to a BLEEPING weekly format. Fine. No one gives a BLEEP about my ride home anyway. Oh, and BLEEP YOU!Your friend,Ron, the BLEEPING Android Nerd from Massachusettsâ€"â€", 800-616-2638 (CNET), buzz@cnet.comFollow us on Twitter: @mollywood @brian_tong @stephenbeacham @donald @azizansari